With almost 30 years in the printing business, Austin Graphics stability and growth is directly related to the efforts and skills executed with every order processed. Our high standards and impeccable service provided by our employees/and or affiliates is mandated for each and every order and/or inquiry. However, we still must rely on our customer’s diligence/understanding and reviewing of the following Terms of Service applicable to our website and/or store front location(s);

Terms of Service

Austin Graphics Inc./or its parent company Qwik Media Inc. including individuals employed by either company, hereunto now known collectively as “We/Us” is not responsible or liable for any damages or claims incurred by you or your business that are caused by printing materials which are defective or incomplete or which you received later than the estimated due date. In no event shall our liability to you for any reason exceed the amount actually paid to us, if any, for or through the use of this website and/or our store-front services.

The following outlines some potential occurrences but are not limited to;

Customer Responsibility/Liability

Not limited to;

  • Ordering an incorrect quantity. We are not responsible when you order incorrect quantities, order the wrong size, choose the wrong type, or order the wrong product.
  • Damages to printed products or services that occur after delivery to the customer.
  • Design errors that have been submitted in a customer’s artwork le.
  • Mistakes that occur when the le layout has incorrect information about custom services like folding, three-hole drilling, scoring, or die-cutting.
  • Color selection errors, design errors, or inferior-quality resolution les that have been submitted by the customer.
  • Typos on customer-submitted/supplied art. is includes spelling, punctuation, or grammatical errors that were made by the customer.
  • Approving job proof(s) supplied to you by us with errors is your responsibility.

Sales Tax Policy

  • We are required to collect sales taxes on all printing purchases shipped to any province/state(s) where we are required to pay sales tax. If your organization has a sales tax exemption, it is your responsibility to supply us with written copies of your sales tax exemption forms before your order is released/shipped.

Artwork Files/Order

  • Our pre-press department makes every attempt to accurately inspect artwork files before printing, but you are still 100% responsible for the accuracy of your supplied print-ready artwork files. We recommend that you inspect and proofread your files carefully before submitting them to process your order.
  • If a mistake is made, on behalf of a third-party you have used/or is employing you, it is not our liability. In addition, it is your responsibility to inform the third- party of all terms and conditions applicable to the purchase of the printed products or services from us. You/and or the third-party, as the purchaser of the order, agree to indemnify us and hold us harmless from, and against, any and all losses, liabilities, and lawsuits related to you or the third-party as a result of you/or third-party processing an order on their behalf. You/and or third-party, as the purchaser, are directly responsible for any requests submitted and the related costs, fees, and performance obligations.

Colour Accuracy

  • Various print methods may result in colour varying from original. It is your responsibility to communicate with us your colour variance tolerance and provide colour reference samples. We will make every effort to match colour as closely as possible to supplied sample reference. We cannot guarantee an exact match. In addition, computer monitor calibration varies from machine to machine and cannot be used to reference colour accuracy.
  • Certain print methods can be employed to reproduce based on a universal colour matching ink systems to improve colour accuracy.
  • It is your responsibility to consult with us if you wish to consider print methods which may allow the use of this colour matching system process for your particular printing requirements.


  • It is solely your responsibility to ensure that you are not engaging in copyright/trademark/registered infringements relating to you and/or your business name, logo, artwork, layout or any other method that breaks this law.
  • We will not be held legally or financially responsible for unknowingly reproducing such protected content.


  • Orders can be picked up from Austin Graphics store front location(s) once you are notifed of its completion, or based on pre-arranged and agreed upon payment/ terms to ship/mail your order on your behalf.

Customer Responsibility/Liability

Not limited to;

  • Courier Services shipping and Postal and mailing regulations from the United States Postal Service and/or the Canadian Postal Service may be subject to change, and it is your sole responsibility to submit artwork/and/or ship material(s) that complies with the current mailing guidelines and regulations provided by these services.
  • Shipping charges that occur because of an incorrect shipping address or other shipping-related errors caused by the customer.
  • We are not liable for U.S. and/or Canadian Postal Service/or Courier service mistakes, loss, or delayed delivery times.
  • Any shipping duty-fees will be your financial responsibility.


We are not responsible for any errors or delays in responding to requests for information or problems with an order caused by an incorrect e-mail address provided by you. Email delays can result from various technical reasons outside of our control. If your need to make contact is of an urgent or time sensitive nature, we highly recommend contacting our Customer Service department directly by phone: 519-376-2116. 

Termination of Usage

We reserve the right to terminate or suspend access to all or any part of this site at any time, without prior notice, and/or without reason.

Substitution of Product

We reserve the right to substitute SKU numbers/stock and/or methods of print as dictated by particular order requirements and deadlines to ensure the product meets our standards and delivery time. Every attempt will be made to ensure substituted item/product/method is very close to the original order specs.

Entire Agreement

The terms and conditions listed here supersede any prior understanding or agreement (whether oral or written) regarding the subjects related to printing products and services that are presented on this website or at our storefront(s). If any provisions of this agreement are found to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable, the validity, legality, and enforceability of the remaining provisions will not in any way be affected or nullified.